We help healthcare providers

improve revenue outcomes

Get a trusted partner who assists healthcare providers and organizations significantly improve their revenue processes and outcomes.

Decrease denied claims

Decrease denied claims

Eliminate redundant tasks

Eliminate redundant tasks

Increase collected revenue

Increase collected revenue

Level the playing field

Today, it’s a never-ending struggle for healthcare providers and groups to get reimbursed for their services.

  • Prior Authorization expanding
  • Non-reimbursable services increasing
  • Ever-changing payer rules
  • Shortage of skilled billing staff

Revenue managers are playing on an uneven playing field with payers. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

We exist to help healthcare groups get paid what they deserve. We do this by providing them with practical solutions and services tailored to their needs.  

Solutions for your precise needs

Prior Authorization

Improve your provider and patient experience with faster Prior Auth turnarounds. Decrease denials and non-reimbursable services too.

Revenue Cycle Management

Increase your group’s financial viability and growth through advanced software insights and our billing specialists’ expertise.


Enlist a partner that works with your team in navigating budgets, audits, staffing, vendors, and mergers

Benefits Management & Navigation

Reduce front-end billing errors with our advanced eligibility and benefits verification solution. Try it with our free trial.

Workflow Optimization

We help groups optimize workflows by analyzing the data across their various systems. This leads to greater efficiency and higher margins.

Technology and Platforms

We combine expertise with software that coordinates, standardizes, and unifies data. That leads to the optimization of staff and resources.

Denial Management

We find problem areas in your medical billing processes and provide strategies to reduce billing errors and increase collected revenue.

Relational Data Analytics

We provide advanced analytics and reporting that gives you actionable insights into ways to improve your revenue performance


We help groups understand the macro and micro aspects of healthcare and oncology.

Our Impact

Over $2.0 billion dollars of revenue collected for our clients

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Effectively navigate the transition to Value-Based Care

As healthcare moves to value-based care reimbursement, healthcare providers need a holistic understanding of their operations.

We provide our clients with a deep relational understanding of their operations and data. We develop new techniques and approaches for RCM, finances, patients, and workflows.

Let us help you thrive by bridging the gaps needed for the ever-changing healthcare reimbursement landscape.

Looking to Increase Collected Revenue?

We help healthcare providers and groups collect more of what they’re owed.