Revenue Cycle Management

Increased financial health, viability, and growth through advanced software driven insights that promote discovery, mitigate risks, and predict strategy.

Relational Data Analytics

We are system agnostic. Oncospark's revenue cycle services are offered on nearly 100 software platforms, including all of the mainstream systems and many proprietary systems

Medical Billing

We are system agnostic. Oncospark's revenue cycle services are offered on nearly 100 software platforms, including all of the mainstream systems and many proprietary systems.

Advance Advisory Consulting

Enlist a partner that works with your team in navigating budgets, staffing, vendors, mergers.

Technology and Platforms

Expertise combined with software that coordinates, standardizes, and unifies data to track and optimize staff & resources.


Understanding the macro and micro aspects of healthcare and oncology

Prior Authorization

Change the provider and patient experience with a faster turn around, increased visibility, and decrease denials while your staff learns deeper insights from the data acquired.

Benefits Management & Navigation

Patient access and increase the understanding of HUB service. From Biologics to Oncolytics to GPO, optimize practice access programs through effective portal development and discovery.

Workflow Optimization

Designed specifically for streamlining your oncology workflow and connecting you to your data. Interoperability is more important than ever with so many different systems.

Our Impact

Over $1.4 Billion dollars of Revenue collected for our clients

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Beyond Best Practice

Whether a Provider, Hospital or Clinic, Let us partner with you to effectively navigate Value Based Care.

Gain perspective, strategy, insight, and value by collaborating with a team that is focused on meaningful results. We have a unique understanding of the impact, opportunities, and applications of the “halo influences”, health policy, alternative payment models, and new techniques/approaches have on your finances, patients, and workflows. You can no longer prioritize and manage by looking at a singular aspect or unidimensional data. Oncospark provides a deep, relational understanding through proven experience and develops unique strategies with you, your data, and your unique circumstances.

Results and relationships matter. It starts with you and your data. Oncospark allows you to confidently bridge the gaps needed for value, quality, and viability.

Business Intelligence

Workflow and Resource Optimization

Revenue Management

Data Unity

Value Based Strategy

Relational Costing to Outcomes

Intelligence And Expertise

Mines Relational Data

Intelligent data discovery with APIs and BOTS. Not all data is useful or has meaningful potential.​

Visualize and Benchmark​

Things change and you need to see it. Once isolated, track it and forecast.

Reduces cost

Far more than productivity and a spreadsheet. Not what or how much did you spend, but why. Increase efficiencies and resource allocation.

Identifies Payor Evidence

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. What are payer requirements that allow you to navigate care with fewer delays and barriers.

Promotes dynamic feedback

Change is fast, data is needed faster for strategy and decision making.

Improves Compliance

Change to Improve & Promote Compliance From telehealth to data transfers, don’t assume a compliance.

Empowers staff and advocates

Staff must increase time and focus on high touch and high value tasks. Enable through education and data driven prioritization.

Drives decisions by data

Human knowledge and influence guided by data. Your workflow, demographic, and structure is different and so is your data.


Synergistic, multi modality expertise that ensures effective consideration and influence.