Onco Optimize

With cost continuing to increase, maximizing the resources you and your team have is imperative. Time is the most valuable resource for staff and patients. COVID has exposed numerous fail point/opportunities in our infusion workflows. With so many different regimens, scheduling can be time consuming, conflicting, and confusing. Eliminate this confusion based on your actual your parameters. Simply adding more chairs and the capacity to do more does not solve the inefficiencies and inaccuracies of scheduling. Poor or suboptimal scheduling increases the risk of safety issues as well as incomplete or inaccurate documentation.


Our approach is simple yet effective using historical data mapping with our over 20 years of operating infusion clinic from end to end to create a manageable and monitorable workflow. Removing the outlier practices, tasks, and deviations from the data driven/supported norm decreases stress and confusion for staff and barriers and chaos for patients.

Our predictive modeling feature allows you to manipulate variables such as prep time and chair counts to see the impact on:

  • Staff to Patient Ratios
  • Staff to Resource Ratios
  • Total Time to Task Ratios