Provides various client and pharma facing services and insightful perspective to manufacturers. Our technology solutions and software platforms cover a spectrum of topics and angles to strategically increase patient access to include:

  • HUB Services landscape
  • Reimbursement and Marketing Material
  • Brand Launch
  • Product Navigation
  • Portal Functionality and Usability
  • Cultivating Partnerships or other Relationships with Providers and Payers
  • Increase Capture Rates
  • Contracting
  • Foundation Assistance


Provides recommendations on how to streamline Access Programs and improve overall efficiencies for a successful product launch. Participates in market research projects and produces recommendations and courses of action to maximum product utilization across multiple providers.

Provides reimbursement teams, and others manufacturer stakeholders with targeted training and insights on navigating Health Care Providers, and Facilities. groups for end-to-end customer satisfaction

Feedback is important, quality feedback is both the goal and the most important.Oncospark has a different way of hosting and managing advisory boards.

Participant engagement is structured and through encouragement and empowerment, participants can bring everything to the table.

We will seek out and find experts in the area that needs input, then deliver thorough and explicit feedback to better launch, manage, or update your product.

Similar to “train the trainer” with expert training from those that perform these functions every day. We work with teams across your organization to include sales, reimbursement, or contracting, to give your team a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Oncospark has industry insight as well as end user knowledge that has shaped and developed training on topics from customer engagement, reimbursement 101, manufacturer assistance navigation, and contract implementation for maximized benefit.

We start by taking an in-depth look at the everyday function and workflow. This ensures effective integration with minimal disruption to current process.

We make sure the providers are informed and supported so that any potential suggestions for documentation enhancements, reimbursement assessments or audits, any additional best practice suggestions can be implemented.

We make sure providers have staff to support any suggested process and can effectively pivot.

We assess the market for both payer/insurance accessibility and patient demographics in the region to make sure our efforts do not go to waste.

Best practices should be written down to establish a strong foundation and lead to further standard operating procedures. This is critical for replication of value and quality across a practice or system.

We can help review and expand current policies or help develop new policies to better align your practice with the most efficient workflows.

Mitigating risk, while enhancing compliance is a main function of policies.

As staffing changes, our approach to policies ensure there are no gaps and fails on process.