"See when expertise, process, and technology combine to create value and transparency for the authorization process. "

Prior authorizations are the most costly and time-consuming tasks for healthcare providers. This leads to increased inefficiencies, increased costs, and delays in patient care. A smarter and more transparent way approach is needed. Simply adding FTEs to the problem is not a fix. Deep clinical and administrative knowledge of clinical guidelines, pathways, and payer expectations are required.


Using augmented automation, our cloud-based system connects to your EHR and EMR

AuthParency is the next step to reducing cost and burden.

  • Integration
  • Knowledge/Rule Based Platform
  • Unified location
  • Automated Reminders, Alerts, and Notifications
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Cross Specialty Application
  • Automated Status Checks
  • Prioritization and Custom Filter Features for User Preference