Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is a term that must be completely understood before applied, especially in healthcare. The term has jaded many in the healthcare sector and led to ineffective strategies and increased waste (cost). The driver of Business Intelligence is not Tech, but is experts with an extensive understanding and experience in:

  • Clinical Data and Analysis
  • Administrative Functionality
  • Patient Behavior
  • Personalization Care Paths
  • Clinical Decision Support
  • Workflow and Process
  • Cost Allocation and Financial Data
  • Disparate Systems
  • Risk to Cost Ratios

The team at Oncospark utilizes this expertise to collaborate with its partners, allowing them to gain the insight needed to reduce cost, increase value, and improve outcomes, and operational margins while complying with regulations and health policy. Increasing the visibility and reaction time of our partners is something we are committed too. Peripheral decisions and dynamics can have a significant impact on the Oncology service line and the patient process. The “Big Data” is relational and often time sensitive. We provide the acuity and speed of prioritization that is required in the dynamic landscape.