Predictors and Proformas

Understanding costing models, pricing, volumes, is key when building strategies and working with providers, payers, and vendors. Our knowledge of healthcare finance, economics, and the payer rules are captured in our predictors and proformas. They are specific to the fee schedules for all geographies (Medicare) as well as private payer contracted rates & fee schedules. Creating the relationship between price and cost allows you to create more accurate strategies, increase transparency, and forecast with precision.

Use Cases For

  • Vendors
  • Directors and Executives
  • Physicians

With decreasing margins, the need to ensure near to the penny accuracy when it comes to strategic planning is imperative. These tools allow you to optimize your time and provide you the flexibility to quickly compute different scenarios by manipulating variables that you specify as important. These tools are unique to you and your needs and live on your portal. No more looking and searching for Excel files. Vendors, your clients will have a much greater expectation for a granular data and results. This requires comprehensive service line knowledge and expertise. Custom team to client portals is created for you and your clients, increasing value, trust, credibility, and transparency.