About Company

Oncospark Inc. is a leading global provider of comprehensive healthcare revenue cycle management and prior authorization
solutions. With a strong commitment to optimizing financial outcomes for healthcare organizations, we combine cuttingedge technology, industry expertise, and a global footprint to deliver unparalleled results. Our dedicated team of over 650
professionals ensures seamless and efficient revenue cycle operations for our clients, enabling them to focus on providing
quality patient care.

Mission Statement

At Oncospark Inc., our mission is to empower healthcare organizations to maximize their revenue
potential and streamline their operations through innovative revenue cycle management and prior authorization solutions.
We strive to be the trusted partner for healthcare providers, helping them navigate the complex landscape of healthcare
reimbursement and achieve sustainable financial success.


Revenue Cycle Management: We offer end-to-end revenue cycle management services, including patient registration,
insurance eligibility verification, medical coding, and billing, claims processing, denial management, and accounts receivable
management. Our tailored solutions are designed to improve revenue capture, accelerate cash flow, and minimize denials,
ultimately enhancing the financial performance of our clients.
Prior Authorization Services: We specialize in prior authorization services, leveraging our extensive knowledge of payer
requirements, clinical guidelines, and industry best practices. Our dedicated team works closely with healthcare providers to
obtain timely and accurate prior authorizations, reducing administrative burdens and ensuring seamless patient access to
necessary treatments and services.
Technology Solutions: We develop and deploy advanced technology solutions that optimize revenue cycle operations. Our
proprietary software platforms automate key processes, improve efficiency, and provide real-time analytics.
Specialties: Revenue Cycle Management, Prior Authorization Support, Home Healthcare billing, Anesthesia Billing, Medical
Oncology Billing, Radiation Oncology Billing, Dermatology Billing, Ophthalmology Billing, Oncology Drug Recovery, Benefits
Investigations, Small Dollar Claims, A/R Collections, Radiology Billing, and Emergency Medicine Billing.

Website: http://www.oncospark.com