About Us

For 16 years, Oncospark has helped physicians, healthcare organizations, and billing companies enhance operational efficiencies, improve patient outcomes, and increase collected revenue.

We accomplish this with a full spectrum of revenue cycle management solutions, end-to-end medical billing, consulting services, and innovative software solutions.

Oncospark can help your organization thrive as healthcare moves to a value-based care revenue model.  

We have assisted over 500 clients in healthcare navigate the financial network of coverage, authorization, billing, and workflow optimization.

Our team of over 600 highly trained billing staffers includes more than 50 coding experts in various medical specialties. We work to ensure you collect more of the revenue you are owed.


We help our clients:

  • Increase value
  • Reduce costs and waste
  • Boost staff productivity
  • Increase connectivity
  • Unify and bridge data for better outcomes
  • Increase transparency
  • Improve billing accuracy
  • Thrive in the transition to Value-Based reimbursement

It is more challenging than ever for healthcare providers to get paid for their services. By constantly updating their policies and expanding authorization requirements, insurance companies are making it increasingly difficult for overwhelmed revenue departments.

Oncospark has solutions and services that can significantly boost your collected revenue. We exist to help our clients optimize their revenue results. If your organization is struggling in this area, give us a call.

Mission Statement and Vision

Our Mission

To deliver value to our clients by applying superior data, analytics, consulting, and services to improve business decisions and compliance and grow their businesses in an increasingly complex and challenging healthcare landscape.

OncoSpark’s differentiation is our human capital and subject matter expertise augmented by the precision of our integrated platforms.

Our Vision

“To empower the healthcare industry to deliver improved patient experience while reducing costs.”

Meet Our Team


Our innovation and success are enhanced by our collaboration and partnerships. Bringing together subject matter experts and technology allows for faster disruption. Ideas are worth nothing, execution is everything “we” move towards the problems and inefficiencies. Our approach has also given us unparalleled crosscheck and accountability from other developers, experts, and data. Keeping a pulse on everything is imperative. The expectations and stakes are higher than ever. Transparency and visibility are key. Others are concerned with “white labeling or getting a deal and then subcontracting things out as you can see our approach is very different.