Client Power Portal

One of healthcare providers' most significant challenges is having unstructured data in various silos. The Client Power Portal takes your unstructured data and creates meaningful visualizations you can manipulate, isolate, and make relational. There are numerous data sources and formats from which you and your team can create reports from which to make decisions.

Why waste time running reports and connecting the dots? The Client Power Portal does this for you, saving time and resources and enabling focus on what is needed. You can apply the Power Portal to any service line and provider data. You can even drill down to the actual source file with one click.

The focus on value and cost reduction will be magnified for Oncology post-COVID and further into the Value-Based Care landscape.

For healthcare providers to thrive in this new environment, data needs a non-fragmented ecosystem that ensures accuracy and consistency. The Client Power Portal gives you this and more.


Oncospark deploys our expertise integrated with data empathy, which we bridge to forecasting engines that create actionable strategies. Healthcare and particularly Oncology Business intelligence is more critical now than ever. Visualizing, trending, and mapping "traditional" and newer KPIs are crucial to viability and patient access. Our agnostic API-driven engines take the mind-numbing and time-consuming effort out of this. Your data will become scalable, accessible, and more meaningful while saving you and your team productive hours.

Salaries and Wages
  • Cost per Chair- Utilization
  • Margin
  • AR
  • Debt to Capitalization
  • Service to Time to Cost Ratio
  • Relational Reports
    Convert static line item reports, like budget variance reports, to relational visualizations.
    Isolate stats for procedures or patients with payer and financial data with compound visualizations.
    Custom Visualizations
  • By provider
  • By payer
  • By disease site
  • By HCC risk category
  • By vendor
  • By cost center
  • Performance Reference
  • By sites within a system
  • By job code within a system
  • By equipment
  • Cash collections
  • Prior authorization performance