Team Members

Emily Johnson

Client Service Manager

Emily Johnson is the Client Service Manager at Oncospark where she serves as the coordinating facilitator between the client and various software and service teams within Oncospark.

Emily has over 15 years of healthcare experience in both the clinical and industrial modalities of the laboratory sector. Emily began her laboratory career as a generalist in the laboratory of a regional hospital, eventually moving on to a larger, more urban, facility where she worked specifically in the microbiology department of the laboratory.

For the last 13 years, Emily worked as an application specialist for bioMérieux, a global leader in in vitro diagnostic solutions for not only private and hospital laboratories, but also industrial microbiology settings such as agri-food and pharmaceuticals. In her role as an application specialist, Emily assisted clients across the US in troubleshooting various bioMérieux applications and software. She also coordinated and tracked remote support, dispatched field service representatives as necessary, performed interface setup and testing, and assisted with configuring, testing, and ultimately implementing bioMérieux database management systems, both server and cloud based.

In addition, Emily served as the subject matter expert for MYLA®, which is a database management platform that allows users to experience improvements in equipment connectivity, lab workflow, and information management. Emily was responsible for numerous projects during her time at bioMérieux and is driven by the opportunity to improve clinical workflows and outcomes through data driven platforms and services. Her attention to detail and ability to prioritize across tasks ensures reduced barriers and delays for clients and internal teams as they transition to new technologies, integrations, and services.