Team Members

Erica Saathoof

Oncology specialist

Erica has over 15 years of experience working in Medical Billing spanning across multiple specialties. Having the opportunity to work in all aspects of a medical practice has equipped her with critical working skills and expertise to assist clients with excellent customer service. It is within the past 11 years that she has discovered her passion and aptitude for work in the radiation and medical oncology field.

Erica has over 4 years in healthcare management and remains eager to learn and remain up to date with the continuous healthcare changes. She has maintained her certifications through AAPC for CPPM, CPC and CHONC, as well as ROCC through AMAC and continues to strive for further education that can relayed to staff and enable her to provide the most lucrative service to clients. She believes communication is the key to success and the care and success of all clients at the forefront.